Manchester United retain top spot in world football money list


LONDON: Manchester United narrowly pipped Real Madrid to remain the top revenue-generating club in the world as Premier League sides underlined their growing financial clout, Deloitte´s “Money League” report said Tuesday.

It is the 10th time United have topped Deloitte´s list, with a revenue in 2016/17 of 676 million euros ($828 million, £593 million) — just 1.7 million euros ahead of the Spanish giants.

United on Monday confirmed the signing of Chile striker Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal in a deal which is expected to make him the Premier League´s highest-paid player.

Barcelona — one of Sanchez´s former clubs — are third in the 21st edition of the list compiled by the British-based business advisory firm, followed by Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Arsenal.

Combined revenue for the top 20 Money League clubs in the 2016/17 season grew six percent to 7.9 billion euros, a new record.

United´s Europa League victory was crucial to their financial performance, with Real Madrid´s figures boosted by winning the Champions League and their Spanish league triumph.

A record 10 English clubs feature in the top 20, generating a total revenue of 3.8 billion euros, helped by income from the first season of the current record Premier League broadcast rights deal.

Real Madrid at second place in Deloitte´s list

Broadcast revenue is now the largest individual revenue stream for the Money League clubs, making up 45 percent of total revenue and there is increasing speculation that the likes of Amazon and Facebook could become serious players, potentially giving a fresh cash injection.

“The Deloitte Football Money League has a particularly English feel this year and with the new broadcast deal and UEFA competition performance driving broadcast revenue growth of over half a billion pounds for those in the top 20, it doesn´t come as a surprise,” said Tim Bridge, senior manager in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte.

“As the Premier League is currently in the middle of its rights tender for the next cycle from 2019/20, the results of this will be crucial to determining the long-term composition of the Money League.”

A separate study released earlier this month showed Premier League leaders Manchester City have greater financial muscle than any other club in world football, with Arsenal second and United in seventh place.

The Soccerex Football Finance 100 ranked the world´s top teams based on both their playing and fixed assets, money in the bank, owner potential investment and debt.

Deloitte Football Money League — 2016-2017 revenue

Note: The first figure in brackets is the club´s position in 2015-2016 and the second is their revenue in that period.

1. (1) Manchester United 676.3 million euros (689 mln euros)

2. (3) Real Madrid 674.6 (620.1)

3. (2) FC Barcelona 648.3 (620.2)

4. (4) Bayern Munich 587.8 (592)

5. (5) Manchester City 527.7 (524.9)

6. (7) Arsenal 487.6 (468.5)

7. (6) Paris Saint-Germain 486.2 (520.9)

8. (8) Chelsea 428 (447.4)

9. (9) Liverpool 424.2 (403.8)

10. (10) Juventus 405.7 (338.9)

11. (12) Tottenham Hotspur 355.6 (279.7)

12. (11) Borussia Dortmund 332.6 (283.9)

13. (13) Atlético de Madrid 272.5 (228.6)

14. (20) Leicester City 271.1 (172.1)

15. (19) Internazionale 262.1 (179.2)

16. (14) Schalke 04 230.2 (224.5)

17. (18) West Ham United 213.3 (192.3)

18. (n/a) Southampton 212.1 (166.2)

19. (n/a) Napoli 200.7 (144.2)

20. (n/a) Everton 199.2 (162.5)

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