Muslim Commando Karate organized Martial Arts Compition at Chakwal

By.Asghar Ali Mubarak
Chakwal :The Muslim Cammando Karate club chakwal organised martial arts  competition at Chakwal press Club on other day.The Chief guest Raja Khalid grand master  and the  Chairman Kyukishun Pakistan federation distribute the awards among the participants . while talking to audience the Chairman Kyukishun Pakistan federation grand master Raja Khalid said that the standard of the players are much appreciated. He said we will organise international level competition very soon in Pakistan. He said that our aim is to promote the quality martial arts facilities in Pakistan.
The  head quarter of Kyukishun Pakistan federation and Raja Fitness and Martial arts Behria Town Rawalpindi is full equipped latest machines and equipment  for latest training. At this occasion the Chief Guest Raja Khalid grand master and the Chairman Kyukishun Pakistan federation distribute the prizes and awards among the best players and organiser.
A special Award was presented to Pakistan Sports Board representative Malik  Usman Shakeel who recently visited Chinese martial most historic place Showlen Temple where the world all great martial artists like Jeki chun Bruce Lee and other visited and trained.
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