Karachi:- Women in Pakistan are gradually moving towards activities which until recently were considered unimaginable for them to step into. After judo karate, women have now started trying kickboxing encouraged by a female trainer – a first in Pakistan.

Meet Rameesha Shahid, who is Pakistan’s first female kick boxing trainer. Despite her slim physique and small frame, she is an expert in high and low kicks.

According to Shahid, in the beginning there were no female instructors, which made many women reluctant to learn it from a male instructor. Now, she says, they are turning towards this sport because they feel comfortable in the presence of a female instructor. Not only does this training help in ensuring strength and improving their physical abilities, but Shahid says it can also help in releasing mental stress.

Rameesha Shahid is Pakistan’s first female kick boxing trainer in Karachi. Photo: Screengrab

Speaking to private Tv , Rameesha’s male instructor says kickboxing is a tough sport but now there were many female students who are stepping into kickboxing and have proven their mettle.

“With the help of kickboxing you can take out all your aggression and anger, and channelise it in a positive way by strengthening your mind and body,” said one of Shahid’s students.

With her abilities and expertise, Rameesha is helping other women interested in the sport to train themselves.