Nationl squash championship: main round begins


LAHORE:The main round of the All Pakistan National Junior squash championship was completed in different age groups here on Sunday at PSA international complex.
All the players have easy sailing to the quarter finals in the U19 and U17 categories and most of the matches were decided in less than half an hour.
Following are the results of the matches: U19 Category, Muhammad Ahsan (PB) beat Ahsan Ali Kashif (PB) 11/3,11/8,11/2 (18 minutes), Shahzad Ali Khan (PB) beat Abdul Ghani (PB) 11/1,11/4,11/0 (14 minutes), Haris Qasim (PB) beat Daud Khan (KP) 11/7,11/7,11/3 (21 minutes), Saad Abdullah (Sindh) beat Azmat Yar Khan (BAL) score 11/3,11/7,11/4 (18 minutes), Oan Abbas (PB) beat Danish (KP) score 11/6,11/4,11/4 (24 minutes, Mohammad Junaid Khan (Kp) beat Abdul Mughni (PB) score 11/5,11/1,11/2 (14 minutes),Saifullah (KP) beat Moaz Khan (PB) score 11/4,11/4,13/11 (24 minutes) and Uzair Rasheed (PB) qualified for the Quarter-final with the BYE.
U17 Category, Farhan Hashmi (SNGPL) beat Zargham Khan (KP) 11/3,11/2,11/7 (15 minutes), Ali Sher (KP) beat Rashid Daulat (KP) 11/3,11/8,7/11,9/11,11/9 ( 44 minutes), Khushal Riaz Khan (KP) beat Rafi Khan (Sindh) 11/3,5/11,11/7,11/9 (23 minutes) , Hassaan Raza (PB) beat Malik Abdul Moiz (PB) s11/3,11/5,11/2 (17 minutes),Ahmad Hassan (KP) beat Atif Malik (PB) score 11/7,12/10,11/6 (19 minutes), Hamza Sharif (KP) beat Abdul Wajid (KP) 11/7,14/12,11/4 (20 minutes), Ibtisam Riaz (PB) beat Mavia Hussain (KP) 11/6,8/11,4/11,11/7,11/6 (35 minutes), Muhammad Saqib Iqbal (KP) beat Hammad Khan (PB) 11/8,11/9,8/11,11/9 (44 minutes).

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