FAISALABAD :India has won International Handball Federation (IHF) South & Central Asia Youth & Junior Trophy 2018, concluded at International Handball Court of University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) here on Thursday.

India stood first while Pakistan and Bangladesh got 2nd and 3rd positions respectively in the tournament.

According to details, in Juniors category, India team played five matches against Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives in the tournament and won all the matches. It scored 10 points by bagging 206 goals against 103 goals of its rival teams and stood first.

Pakistan Juniors also played five matches but won four matches by defeating Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives. This team stood second with 8 points by scoring 212 goals against 108 goals of its rivals.

Bangladesh Juniors won three matches against Nepal, Afghanistan and Maldives and stood third with 6 points. It scored 183 goals against 143 goals of its rivals.

Nepal Juniors stood fourth by winning two matches against Afghanistan and Maldives. It scored 109 goals against 182 goals of its rival teams.

Afghanistan Juniors won only one match and stood fifth in this category. It scored 101 goals against 174 goals of its rivals.
In this category, Maldives Juniors could not win anyone of the five matches. It scored only 83 goals against 184 goals of its rival teams.

In youth category, Indian team stood first with 8 points by winning all the four matches. It scored 213 goals against 76 goals of its rivals.

Pakistan Youth stood second with 6 points by winning three matches out of four. It scored 183 goals against 93 goals of its rivals.

Bangladesh stood third with 4 points by winning two matches. It scored 140 goals against 126 goals of its rivals.

Maldives Youth won only one match out of four matches and stood fourth by scoring 70 goals against 196 goals of its rivals.

However, Nepal Youth could not win anyone of the four matches. This team scored 84 goals against 199 goals of its rival teams.