Shahid Afridi to bear expenses for hockey great Mansoor Ahmed’s treatment


Former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi announced on Monday that he will pay for the medical treatment of former hockey goalkeeper Mansoor Ahmed.

“Shahid Afridi Foundation will bear all expenses of Mansoor’s treatment and won’t let him down,” Afridi said.

The former hockey goalkeeper has been suffering from a heart ailment for the last month and has been advised by doctors to travel abroad for treatment.

According to information available with Geo News, Ahmed’s heart is functioning at 20 percent. His other organs have also started failing.

The goalie who was admitted in the ICU for 18 days had part of his medical bill paid by the customs (Rs500,000) and the remaining amount (Rs1 million) by the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

Earlier during an interview, Ahmed had appealed to the prime minister to pay for his treatment.

Ahmed is best remembered for saving the last penalty in the final of the 1994 Hockey World Cup against Netherlands, securing the win for Pakistan.

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