Our cricket team is showing the unity, the results are coming by itself!!

By:-Sohail Cheema
This is insane,  Star India won the TV rights to broadcast all Indian cricket matches from 2018 to 2023 ( including IPL) for $3.5 billion dollars. — To break up these numbers,  IPL alone for next 5 years is $2.5 billion dollars and rest of the Indian cricket series or matches are close to $1 billion dollars for next 4 years… Each cricket match is going to be broadcast for close to $10 million dollars.
On the other hand,  Pakistan cricket board,  despite making $40 million revenue,  posted a $10 million dollars loss in budget deficit in 2017..
The biggest irony,  despite the cricket board budget in negative,  no international cricket in the country,  poor infrastructure,  no media right deal,  poor stadiums,  poor local grounds,  no real cricket academies,  …Pakistan T20 cricket team ( the main money producing asset of cricket)  is ranked NUMBER ONE ( Numero Uno) in ICC Ranking ( Go Figure!!)
This is why Pakistan it is so relevant & important to the world,  despite we are poor, no real infrastructure,… but if given the opportunities and show unity,  the nation can deliver or do the wonders,  but it is only possible if nation stay united,  as our cricket team is showing the unity,  the results are coming by itself!!
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