Senior Pakistani umpire faces inquiry after disciplinary action


Lahore:- Khalid Mahmood, a senior Pakistani umpire, is facing disciplinary action after he skipped a match during the ongoing Pakistan Cup and took a cricket team to Malaysia.

According to reports, Mahmood skipped a match during the ongoing Pakistan Cup taking place in Faisalabad and took the team to Malaysia without informing the board. He had earlier claimed that he was too busy to umpire the game and had instead taken a local team to Kuala Lumpur.

Due to this, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was short an umpire during the tournament, which is against the rules of the central contract that prohibit any umpire from skipping any domestic event especially without the approval of the board.

The board will launch an inquiry into the case against Mahmood and a decision will be given once the inquiry is complete.

Khalid is considered one of Pakistan’s top umpires who has overseen not only matches in the Pakistan Super League and the Bangladesh Premier League, but he has also had umpired several international matches as well.

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